Spawned from sipbmp3, SIPB's music spooler, Gutenbach is a set of Debian packages maintained by SIPB members. Once installed on a server, it allows users to queue music to be played from that server using lpr. Please email gutenbach@… with questions, comments, or suggestions.

Source code

The source code for Gutenbach is available on GitHub. Gutenbach is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.

Debian packages

The Debian packages for Gutenbach may be found on Launchpad.

Bug tracker

If you find a bug or would like to see a feature implemented, be sure to post it on our bug tracker. If you do not have an Athena account (and certificates), you will need a local account, first, though! If you are interested in editing the wiki, talk to the Gutenbach developers.

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