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#13 Create an API for accessing the queue information jhamrick enhancement blocker server invalid
#3 CUPS daemon permissions shouldn't be set system wide defect critical server invalid
#4 CUPS uses SIGKILL for Purge-Jobs defect critical server invalid
#12 Make youtube videos stream instead of downloading them broglek defect critical server fixed
#23 Arithmetic error in volume-down defect critical remctl fixed
#35 Permissions error when creating temp files defect critical server fixed
#1 Include mixer and channel in debconf broglek defect major remctl fixed
#5 Add client support for Macs enhancement major client fixed
#9 Fix the web interface jhamrick defect major remctl fixed
#16 Locker installation of perl is missing broglek defect major client fixed
#22 gutenbach should enable cups-lpd jhamrick defect major server fixed
#25 Rhythmbox Plugin host and queue names should not be hardcoded enhancement major rhythmbox fixed
#43 Applet not streaming.. defect major client invalid
#14 gbrm should be able to accept multiple job names broglek defect minor client fixed
#15 Client scripts should have a default queue broglek enhancement minor client fixed
#19 Volume commands should use an identifiable scale (% or dB) broglek enhancement minor remctl fixed
#24 needs an index.html jhamrick defect minor client fixed
#29 Recursive queue option in gbr enhancement minor client fixed
#30 Randomize option in gbr enhancement minor client fixed
#32 Subset option for gbr enhancement minor client fixed
#17 gbq tab formatting broglek defect trivial client fixed
#36 Your logo says "Futenbach" bbaren defect trivial web fixed
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