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Create mac .mpkg directory. This will eventually be replaced by structure to generate .mpkg dirs instead of having the folder itself.

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2<installer-script minSpecVersion="1.000000" authoringTool="" authoringToolVersion="3.0.4" authoringToolBuild="179">
3    <title>Gutenbach</title>
4    <options customize="allow" allow-external-scripts="no" rootVolumeOnly="false"/>
5    <choices-outline>
6        <line choice="choice4"/>
7        <line choice="choice9"/>
8    </choices-outline>
9    <choice id="choice4" title="bin">
10        <pkg-ref id="com.sipb.gutenbach.bin-1.pkg"/>
11    </choice>
12    <choice id="choice9" title="bin">
13        <pkg-ref id="com.sipb.gutenbach.bin.pkg"/>
14    </choice>
15    <pkg-ref id="com.sipb.gutenbach.bin-1.pkg" installKBytes="32" version="1.0" auth="Root">file:./Contents/Packages/bin.pkg</pkg-ref>
16    <pkg-ref id="com.sipb.gutenbach.bin.pkg" installKBytes="48" version="1.0" auth="Root">file:./Contents/Packages/bin-1.pkg</pkg-ref>
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