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Last change on this file since 2116615 was 2116615, checked in by Kyle Brogle <broglek@…>, 14 years ago

Added debconf to gutenbach-remctl to allow users to specify preferred mixer
and channel on install.

Fixed debconf prompts for gutenbach-server that still mentioned the old
method of queuing music

Added gutenbach team as uploaders to avoid Lintian NMU errors.

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1Template: gutenbach-server/printername
2Type: string
3_Description: Your gutenbach printer name:
4 gutenbach creates a printer to which you can print music
5 files.  gutenbach needs to know what you want to call the
6 printer, and then after installation, you will be able
7 to use scripts in the gutenbach-client package or lpr
8 to interact with the server.
10Template: gutenbach-server/zephyrclass
11Type: string
12_Description: Your gutenbach zephyr class:
13 When gutenbach plays a song, it sends a message to a zephyr
14 class with the song information (title, artist, album,
15 etc).  Please specify which class you would you these
16 zephyrs to be sent to.  If you don't know what this is,
17 or you don't want zephyrs to be sent, just leave this
18 field blank.
20Template: gutenbach-server/hostname
21Type: string
22_Description: The hostname to be displayed:
23 When gutenbach sends a zephyr, it will display the hostname.
24 If your hostname is particularly long, you may want to set
25 this to an abbreviation or something else shorter.
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