source: debian/gutenbach-remctl.templates @ 2116615

Last change on this file since 2116615 was 2116615, checked in by Kyle Brogle <broglek@…>, 14 years ago

Added debconf to gutenbach-remctl to allow users to specify preferred mixer
and channel on install.

Fixed debconf prompts for gutenbach-server that still mentioned the old
method of queuing music

Added gutenbach team as uploaders to avoid Lintian NMU errors.

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1Template: gutenbach-remctl/mixer
2Type: string
3_Description: The mixer that gutenbach uses:
4 Gutenbach remctl needs the name of the mixer in order
5 to control the volume of the music server. [Default is "PCM"]
7Template: gutenbach-remctl/channel
8Type: string
9_Description: The mixer channel that gutenbach uses:
10 Gutenbach remctl needs a channel on the mixer in order
11 to control the volume of the music server. [Default is "Left Front"]
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