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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Component Created
#21 Write our own IPP server accepted jhamrick blocker server 14 years
#6 Add client support for Windows assigned John-Nicholas Furst major client 14 years
#10 Package the web interface new major web 14 years
#8 Add client scripts for the remctl package new minor remctl 14 years
#11 Add video support new minor server 14 years
#31 Playlist option for gbr new minor client 14 years
#37 Auto git pull script should be smarter new minor debian 13 years
#42 Gutenbach queues should have a scrobble to option new minor queue 13 years
#46 Volume easing: less choppy volume change new minor remctl 13 years
#49 Gapless playback new minor server 13 years
#18 gbq -- show real name new trivial client 14 years
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